First trainee starts role with Wodonga construction company

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Caption: Meagan Ablett with, from left, Gareth VanNoort (TVN On-Country), Jebb Hutchison and Darren Moffitt of On-Country Pathways, Jonathon Whelan of TVN On-Country

Photo: Manifeasto Photography

We reached a fantastic milestone this month with the placement of our first trainee, 23-year-old Meagan Ablett, a proud Wiradjuri woman, from Corowa in New South Wales.

Meagan has started work as a trainee Business Administrator with TVN On-Country, an Indigenous-owned commercial construction company based in Wodonga, Victoria.

TVN On-Country recently became our first Employment Pathways Partner and within weeks was able to offer Meagan this opportunity, which includes funding for her to complete a Certificate III in Business Administration with Albury TAFE.

Meagan said: “I went to Corowa High School and when I finished, I wanted to go to uni but I didn’t know what I wanted to study. I wasn’t ready to decide.”

“Just recently, two different people told me about On-Country Pathways and I gave the general manager, Jebb Hutchison, a call. He was confident that I’d like construction because he said there’s more to it than you think. After just one week at TVN On-Country, I agree with that one hundred per cent,” she added.

Meagan was surprised to find other young Indigenous women working at the company, and discover almost a third of the staff is female.

“Everyone is welcoming, and so enthusiastic about what they are doing. I feel like it is easy to come to work and learn,” Meagan said.

“If there are other young Indigenous women out there with an opinion about construction, I’d say ignore what you think you know, give it a go, call On-Country Pathways.”

Darren Moffitt, Program Manager, On-Country Pathways, said: “TVN On-Country is a great fit for Meagan. She is with other young people from our mob, and they have their own success stories to share to inspire her. I think she will do very well and who knows, go on to do that degree, in construction or a related field because of this placement.”

Jonathon Whelan, Director, TVN On-Country, said Meagan is settling in well. “We are providing the support Meagan needs to do her job, learn about the industry, and we are looking forward to supporting her to develop new skills, learn about our industry and navigate her career pathway.”

“We wouldn’t be able to offer these opportunities without the support of On-Country Pathways to help us to provide a culturally aware and supportive environment for Meagan to flourish,” he added.

On-Country Pathways offers four unique programs to help Indigenous 15–24-year-olds find employment and career pathways into commercial construction in the Riverina area.

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