New Program Manager Catherine a strong advocate for young mob

Our new Program Manager, proud Gunditjmara Woman Catherine Coysh

Our new Program Manager, proud Gunditjmara Woman Catherine Coysh, says her strong cultural identity and values stem from a long lineage of resilient women tracing back to the mid-1800s and Sussanah McDonald of Lake Condah in Victoria.

Growing up primarily on Duduroa (Wodonga) and Wiradjuri (Albury) Country, Catherine’s journey led her to pursue psychology at university.

Following her studies, Catherine worked for various Government agencies and Aboriginal Community Controlled organisations supporting teams dedicated to social and emotional wellbeing.

She firmly advocates for investing in young people, seeing them as agents of positive generational change, making her the perfect fit for On-Country Pathways.

Catherine said: “It is vital to share knowledge with the next generation to ensure their future success.

“Beyond simply offering support, I believe in equipping young individuals with the skills and tools necessary to empower themselves. I genuinely love to see people succeed.”

For Catherine, true empowerment lies in fostering self-reliance, strengthening cultural identity and resilience within the community.

She is dedicated to her community has volunteered on various boards and committees including Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service, Wodonga Aboriginal Network, Wodonga Koorie Youth Network (WKYN) and Albury Wodonga NAIDOC Committee.

Catherine received the Indigenous Fellowship of Leadership in 2017/2018 where she invested time and resources into the establishment of the Wodonga Koorie Youth Network (WKYN).

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